About Us

The Jewels Company experience:

Thirty years ago, the Golshi brothers collaborated and created a name for themselves in the gold jewelry world. After many years of experience in and dedication to the gold industry, they were eager to explore and contribute to the exciting world of diamonds.  With their growing passion toward diamonds, they ventured forth to create the diamond jewelry company Jewels Company.

Having direct, hands-on access to diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals is only a part of what Ever Diamond is today. We take great pride in manufacturing all of our jewelry in the United States using diamonds from conflict free mines. With access to the most notable diamond dealers around the world, Jewels Company guarantees quality and unmatched prices that surpass the leading competitors.

Not only does quality in craftsmanship allow Jewels Company to be a company on which you can rely, but the highest level of customer service, along with a superior money back guarantee, makes Jewels Company a company you can fully trust.